We are building Uganda One Community at a time

We work to deliver the objectives of Uganda Vision 2040 and the UN's 17 SDGs

CEPAUG has  adopted long-term bold strategies to utilize and share the benefits of innovation, where CEPAUG memebrs’ inter-Organisational collaboration, is vital for tackling its challenges, while harnessing the benefits of digitalization across Africa and encouraging the adoption of new technologies. As a result, CEPAUG has committed to implementing initiatives that align with this approach. To achieve these objetives, CEPAUG uses Awega CDMS, a fully integrated Technology platform which delivers solutions to all its users and  projects seamlessly. This way CEPAUG can explore further potential avenues for youth and women economic empowerment through various sectors such as Agriculture and Non-agriculture value chains, Education, Conservation, Social justice and many more.


Who we are

CSOs Empowerment and Progress Association Uganda, (CEPAUG) is an alliance of both existing and emerging Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Uganda created in 2020. In an effort to attain its Objectives, CEPAUG is committed to aligning its work with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals and Uganda’s Vision 2040 initiative, for Sustainable Development to ensure that no one is left behind in our endeavors to eradicate poverty, achieve sustainable development and build an inclusive and sustainable future for all communities in Uganda and the wider African Community.

Our Organisation

The membership of CEPAUG comprises an original group of seven  youth led Civil Society Organisations in Uganda who share synergies and common objectives, considered systemically significant to spearhead the work of a new organisation, therefore named Civil society Empowerment and Progressive Association Uganda (CEPAUG).

The organisation seeks to deepen ICT penetration in schools and rural communities, a budding computer incubation centre for information communication technological advancement, an avenue for electronic business, innovation, research, entrepreneurship and at the same time offer support to rural communities, schools, organized groups and individuals in terms of computer and internet capacity building.

SAYIT’s main objective is to empower young people with income generating skills and raising awareness for children and youth rights; instilling moral uprightness in young people and assist street children, orphans, young people with disabilities and other vulnerable children to access necessary support. We also encourage food and nutrition security and environmental conservation.

Youth Innovation Hub kayonza, is a youth organisation in Kanungu with more than ten youth associations that creates a difference in gearing agricultural transformation through a young farmers platform that strives to put food on their family tables and money in their pockets.

MBHU is mandated to initiate and implement activities that promote sustainable, socially and economically just development targeting to build the capacity of vulnerable households to care for the OVCs. In line with this mandate the organization has worked in areas of education, health, agriculture, and community development. MBHU is managed by a 6-member Board elected amongst members that subscribe to the organisation.

Girl Power Foundation Uganda is a girls and women centered community based organization registered under Kanungu District Local government. We have been in existence since 2017 and we are located in Kihihi Town Council, Kinkizi West- Kanungu District. We are governed by a team of 6 members on the board of Governors committee, We have a dedicated team of 7 volunteers who help in running the works of the foundation and 3 full time workers.

Tree Uganda Academy (TUA) is an Eco Inclusive Social Action Research and Advocacy Community Based Organization.It was set up in September 2015 with the aim making improvements in environmental sustainability and poverty alleviation through enhanced agricultural entrepreneurship, increased environmental awareness, collective visioning and training among the Community Members. TUA is an operational Organization meaning it plans and carries out boots-on-the-ground projects to accomplish its objectives, which require a great deal of careful planning, communication, and local involvement.

KEIH was founded in early 2019 by the two schools, Bushoro and Rwanga primary schools chose to implement the Awega Sustainable Communities Initiative, an initiative designed to deliver Sustainable Community development projects alongside the objectives of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the Uganda vision 2040. The head teachers of Bushoro and Rwanga primary schools chose to take part in the Awega SCI, beginning with a pilot scheme, to understand and apply innovative Technology solutions offered on the platform, in order to improve the delivery of education’s administrative as well as operational activities, efficiently and transparently in their respective schools.

RUGWOCFU is a woman led Community Based Organization that provides Educational and Economic opportunities to girls / women from disadvantaged communities.

Our Ethos

CEPAUG aim to empower the Youth and women by unleashing opportunities for all.

We create the conditions in which all the youth, women and people with special needs can access skills, work and thrive. This includes driving further ambition to empower both youth and women led initiatives and encourage green jobs, promote education and skills, enable youth led development, scale up efforts for sustainable development, and foster inclusive and sustainable Projects.

Diverse Approach

1. Focus on where CEPAUG can make a difference and deliver concrete actions, by prioritizing critical issues for the Youth, Women and the Environment, which can be achieved through the African Youth Entrepreneurship Summit through CEPAUG Member cooperation.

Professional Approach

3. Adopt results-oriented, forward-looking and sustainable perspectives, prepare for long term policies and avoid short term vision, by employing professional tools and qualified personnel in all activities undertaken.

Policy and Lobbying

2. Cooperate to forge consensus on challenging issues and engage in conversations with relevant stakeholders such as Government, International NGOs, Private Business Firms and other Civil Society Organisations which are non-CEPAUG members.

Result Based

4. Stand fully prepared to take preventive measures and address consequences of unforeseen circumstances affecting the progress of the youth and women led enterprises, by auditing every aspect of project delivery.

Strategic Leadership

A Message From The Chairperson

We’re a small but growing organization and the strongest trait that our organization needs to achieve success, is a self-motivated people, who believe in a non-judgmental approach, that respects the dignity and rights of those with whom we engage, be it  staff, volunteers, members, partners or targeted groups. We also believe that our work should be undertaken with integrity, openness, honesty and professionalism.

Thank You and Welcome o CEPAUG

Ainembabazi Winnie

A Message From The Executive Secretary

It is an honour for me to put at the service of CEPAUG, the experience accumulated throughout my academic career and working experience in project management and leadership.  An experience that has allowed me to sense from the outset, the wide potential of this CSOs network, and to design new initiatives that contribute to its dynamism.

Thank You and welcome to CEPAUG

Mushana Ivan

Our Team

Ainembabazi Winnie

Board Chairperson

Agaba Kenneth

Deputy Board Chair

Mushana Ivan

Executive Secretary

Ampumuza Rogers

Public Relations

Friday Martin

ICT Coordinator

Tumwibize S Obed


Kenyena Mariat

Human Resource

Tumuhimbise James

Head -Education Management

Our Five Star Technology Apps delivering our projects

Awega LMS

A complete solution for Logistics Management, for managers, operators, and Customers, in all sectors. App available for users, requires users to register on the Awega CDMS 

Awega SMS

A complete solution for efficient School administrative and Curriculum management, with Apps for Teachers,Parents and School Admin. Requires users to register on the Awega CDMS 

Awega KWA

A complete solution for tracking and auditing Human Resource output during  deployment at work stations. App available for users. Requires users to register on the Awega CDMS,  

Awega Marketplace

A fully integrated e-commerce solution, providing Farmers and traders with local and international markets for their produce. integrates with LMS. Requires users to register on the Awega CDMS

Awega CDMS

A fully integrated ecosystem with a dashboard for all Community Projects, their performance accountability, evaluation, monitoring and reporting. Requires users to subscribe.